How Add-ons Work

Add-ons are awesome little apps that you can easily install into your Web Management website. Many add-ons are free, some are purchased, and custom add-ons can even be created depending on the need.

Many of these add-ons are designed to be used by clients themselves. For instance you may want a new image slider on a page, or a traditional gallery. Choose a pre-installed add-on, select some images and in minutes you have added some fantastic functionality to your website. 

Website visitors are becoming more sophisticated, and presenting information in creative and visual ways is becoming far more important.

We’ve installed a few of our favourite standard add-ons for you to take a look at:

Galleries and Sliders

If you have a visual product or service you want to showcase on your website, galleries and sliders provide a multitude of way to creatively show off images. With modern transitions and slick presentation options you are spoilt for choice.


If you website has grown and you have a lot of content or products, search is one sure way for visitors to find what they need. 

Recipe Card

This is a great example of a very specific add-on with a very specific function. Easy data entry of recipes with format and display all handled for you, and recipes are formatted in the official international format.

Guest Book

Feedback and testimonials from real customers is a proven boost to other people trusting and doing business with you. The guest book has some simple settings to allow you to manage and moderate the responses before they are displayed on your website.

Google Map

Super fast way of adding a Google Map to a page. Just type in the address and select a zoom level. 

Online Survey

You can be creative with this one. Create a question and some possible answers. When people vote on the site, a pie chart is displayed. Great for visitor interaction.